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Hello Steve,

a very nice and slowly written one! I think it has a fair chance of being real...

The year must be 1962 or later (cf. https://www.discogs.com/de/release/5991441-Elvis-Presley-With-The-J...). Italian origin!

Is it for sale somewhere?

My best

PS: Below please find a similar one from that period.

yours is very nice!

Hello Steve,

unfortunately, it is not mine... It was initially sold on Worthpoint Auctions 2021, then resold in 2023 on a German platform by a German friend.

In hindsight, I regret that I did not buy it from him...

Have a great weekend

I think it's probably real but I'd get an opinion from Roger Epperson. Rogerepperson.com

I believe this is good

Thanks, I might have seen this once before, perhaps in Roger's catalog?  Now its up for auction in Gotta Have Rock and Roll

looks good


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