Beginning to look around for an Emily Blunt autograph. Is this her scribble? Also, if anyone has an earlier, fuller example I would like to see it. That is probably more in line for what I am looking for. That would be helpful. Thanks.

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Can anyone shed a little light on Emily's signature?

She scribbles.  Never seen a full 'normal' autograph.  Hard to authenticate a scribble unless you get it yourself

Thanks, Steve. May be one of those signatures I will have to write off. I am a fan of the original Mary Poppins and was hoping to pick up one of her. She's a great actress with a not so great autograph style.

She’s a very good actress with a lot of scribble to her autograph, often just a very abbreviated signature.  I found one on eBay, which you may have already seen, that has a little more length to it, and it’s PSA’d...for whatever it’s worth.  I’m not sure if I’d trust it or not.  But the seller is only asking $99.  Btw, if you like Blunt, you should check out, The Handmaid’s Tale, on Hulu.  She’s in it, and it’s a very good show, imo, about essentially the fall of the United States and it’s rebirth into an Orwellian-type totalitarian society.  Here’s a link to the ebay sale:

Thanks, James. Emily is a great actress. I am a fan of the original Mary Poppins so my search is quite specific. About a year ago I had an opportunity to purchase a signed letter of hers which would have been at the beginning of her career which had a much more readable signature. Guess I should have leaped when I had the chance.

I know that feeling all too well!




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