I'm a big Rock N Roll autograph collector. Everyday I go on ebay and see what fakes I can find. Well I found one of my hero Jimmy Page. it is "certified" by Global. Take a look at this fraud for yourself. The seller is signaturestarz

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Another one from Global, I wonder what the excuse will be this time!

Hey has lots of fakes. He has Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, and so much more. Of course there "certified" by Global. 

Global Authentics is way out of their league........yet they have no problem taking money and flipping a coin.


Good grief what a mess. Check out this Clapton. Certed by Kevin Martin of Piece of the Past. This certainly doesnt look like a Clapton autograph to me:


Here is a likely Shakira forgery from Piece of the Past

And the Johnny Cash you were talking about certed by GA:


And a Van Halen



Thanks for revealing this Christopher. After looking at his music items, their are one or two items certed by JSA or PSA, and the vast majority are certed by Kevin Martin of Piece of the Past. And the rest certed by GA. I thought Piece of the Past was on the ebay banned list, but i was wrong. Oh well.

I can't see Piece of the Past there anymore. I know some may disagree but I think Global Authentics should be on the banned list until they clean their act up. Far too many forgeries appearing with their COA.



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