Watch out for this. It has the operation bullpen autograph. Examples can be seen at
Seller has been told and said he would check it out yet it's still up there

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Not even close

I don't know how you can say not even close??
It's spot on to some UDA Jordans I have seen.
That's a real good forgery there.

Yeah I was thinking that too, but I don't look at Jordan autographs much. 

I would love to see some of those examples you talk about
Any examples?
I just don't think it's a terrible looking fake.
I think it's blatant. In asking mykaphobic for some examples of the Uda ones he says look like this
Do I assume its the J you have a problem with?

I don't keep a lot of examples but I'm sure I could find one pretty quickly that was similar.
The j the angle of the m and how much the michael goes over the jordan - the combo together

K let me know id love to see any you find
Find any? I keep a database of MJ deviations so would love to add the UDA ones like this you talk about
Nothing I assume.....


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