Fake Frank Sinatra Guaranteed to pass PSA or JSA..?

Here is an interesting eBay post.  I noticed this Frank Sinatra SP with the title JSA certified.  Then he has everywhere that its guaranteed to pass PSA or JSA and he has a JSA letter.

So, when I looked at the Sinatra , noticed immediately it was one of the more crude secretarial forgeries.  On probably the most forged Sinatra photo on the market...out of  several hundred have only seen this particular photo authenticaly Autographed ONCE in 35 years collecting...

I thought how this could possibly get a JSA certification??

Then I realized the JSA letter was NOT a certification,  it is a JSA Rejection letter.     I almost burst out laughing.      But, the seller never mentions that.  Then again, at least he was upfront enough to actually post the rejection letter.  Just hope an inexperienced prospect reads the letter closely as the seller never mentions it failed certification.  

He just says its guaranteed to pass PSA or JSA…:)


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That's definitely a new one to me. It's particularly surprising considering the seller's level of experience.

This is just ridiculous.  To quote Owl Jolsons father from 1936 - "enough is too much!"

Give that guy a stupidity award.

Starting to see more these. Here's a couple similar with PSA rejection letters where the seller tries to pass them off as authentic until you look at the blurry letters. EBAY won't remove them. I have the EBAY link on my computer. I just laugh at these sellers and the fools that buy this stuff.
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