This Farrah Fawcett came in a large collection of photographs.  It is dated 5-31-83 on the reverse.  Is it authentic?

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I don't think I've seen any Farrah Fawcett exampes where the "f" loops into a big "a." I'm sure someone closer to her autograph could give a better opinion but the Farrah Fawcett's I've seen where she writes love, it's clearly readable and the letters are all there. She would sometimes sign just Farrah but it isn't right to me. Perhaps someone who knows her signature through the years has a better opinion?

I do believe this is an early example of Farrah's authentic signature. I do think it is perhaps a rushed signing, perhaps in a crowd...BUT I have seen many of these from around 1977-1983-ish where the F loops into the A.       I think it is real. Also, the L in Love is consistent with later signatures of hers. My opinion however. 

here is an example of Farrah's signature from the early 80's where she did "loop" her F's.  She didn't do this for very long.. and it went back to her famous cleaner signature. This is my signature that I have had since the 80's and if you look at Vintage Farrah signatures you will find a few of these looped signings. 

Looks okay to me


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