The reason i started collecting autographs was cause i wanted a Autograph from that amazing Actor ive seen in that great movie. It was Heath Ledger in the dark knight. I looked on ebay and there where gret deals for 60$ or less. I bought one and i was very happy with it. Later i found more and bought them aswell. Later that year i found out about Autograph live and Pete bendu. I heard he knows ledgers signature well and i asked him about my Items. Sadly all where Fake, who would have gessed that right? so i moved on collecting other graphs witch werent that expencive. About a week ago i finnaly found a real ledger i could afford and i took it. I`m very happy and my main Autograph goal is completed.

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Congratulations :) here is a similar one from PSA:

thanks! the one i got now has no question of authenticity :)

thanks Tim! yea I was lucky

Nice addition to your collection!  He truly was AMAZING in The Dark Knight, such a talented young actor gone way too soon.



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