About a month ago I bought a signed sheet of paper off EBay, signed by the legend himself Freddie Mercury!

It was supposedly signed by Freddie at the 40th birthday party of Roger Taylor, to Roger’s good friend Laura.

On close inspection of the signature, it appears as though an unlying red outline follows the black of the ink where he has signed. I’m not too sure whether this is simply the residue in the black coming out, or that a red outline has in fact been used to trace over..... the latter is more unlikely as the ink in black is signed rather quickly, like he would normally.

Just looking for opinions from you guys!!

Thank you!!

Joe ☺️

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Hi Steve!

I’m already ahead of you! I got my friend to video me the other day packaging it with the item being in the same condition it was sent to me.

It’s been a lot of unnessary effort caused by one bad seller... this experience has definitely opened my eyes a lot.

I have the address so will take a picture of the package with the address and postage on it when I get home!

Thank you all!! 

u cant .   but because u did an actual dal with the seller u can leave negative feedback about the tiem being fake just wait till u get ur refund.

ive been dealing with an art forger taking people for tons and ebay doesn't care

It didn’t actually go through eBay... she sent an invoice directly through PayPal so I can’t leave feedback on eBay because as far as they are aware, the item was simply taken off.

However, today I have made it clear to eBay that I bought the item outside of eBay. I’m eager to get it sent so I can get the money back!!!

did she offer the off ebay deal or u and was it thru ebay massages

I offered because eBay put a hold on this particular transaction... I was spending more during Christmas and they saw it as suspicious activity, which is understandable. It was through eBay messages yes

Finally I have received a full refund for the item! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you all for your help!

Happy to hear it's all settled. Unfortunately, the item has been offered again, I'm told. I wasn't able to check on it before it disappeared, but I hope it wasn't purchased. 

Thank you! Oh wow really? Just as I expected! I did report her and the item to eBay a few weeks ago, so hopefully they intervened!!!

I have actually 100/% the original, waiting to be aproved for sell. thx



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