I now that mr Innuendo and other members know this items but I want to sell them in the Buy/Sell/Trade section, and the best is to post here all again and follow the rules.

FREDDIE MERCURY >>> Signed in blue pen (dedicated to Laura at the Roger Taylor's 40th birthday party on 07/26/1989, totally authentic, a jewel and a great autograph with "history").The paper yellowish, old and a little bit wrinkled.

- BRIAN MAY >>>  signed in black marker on Queen postcard of October 2018, at the premiere of BOHEMIAN RAPSODY in London.

- ROGER TAYLOR >>>  signed in black marker on Queen postcard of October 2018, at the premiere of BOHEMIAN RAPSODY in London.

- JOHN DEACON >>>  signed in black marker on white card signed in England in 2018.

Pictures are included in the autographs. Thanks to all.

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That Freddie has been the single most reprinted item in Queen history thanks a to certain Spanish forger. If the item is the original, then it's fine. I cannot say whether that item is indeed the orginal. Otherwise, I would advise against it. 

The others are rushed but safe. There's little point in reprinting the other members without Fred.

Hi innuendo I know the history (here my ex nick was BBlack - I had problems with gmail and my healthy, you know me as well). Yes there are a lot of reprints but this one is the one I bought from FRAN from Spain (you should know him), and I would put all what yo want here to demonstrate that is the original, I cuted about some cmt the paper under the signature especially for it - I only know exactly the meassures, (the reprints are not like this) and behind the original now there are some especiall marks I maked with an expert, this item it will pass any TPA, if not I refund the money and, you know this pics under are from some moths ago, and athe most forgeries from this item are from Italy and not from Spain, I know 2 persons afected at least, all bought in Italy from that contact I sended once to you per private. Kind Regards.

Dear Innuendo / Here do you have a high resolution of the original and genuine pictures maked 5 minutes ago,m you can see he ink etc, look at the watch on the right too, I hope this helps, thanks.

An here when I bought it in in November 2018 to Fran, who had the original as you know, he is a member here too.

So I hope that with this information mr Innuendo and other experts tell me what they think. Thx

Here is the post / link that (I HOPE) shows that the item in this post is the authentic one.

Freddie Mercury (Queen)!autograph.... authentic??

This item is not safe to buy. Sorry, but it's not approved to sell here. 

Can I know please why Innuendo ?. Some months ago you aprove it, do you want a scan or any other proove ? I bought this item in November 2018 because here the experts said it is fine and now is not fine? I know you are a great expert but ... I wait other opinions. Thanks

You claim you got this from someone. Someone who is no longer a member here for his lies and tendency to reprint this specific item. The same man who claimed he did not have this item (he said his friend had it), obtained it and then sold it to you? This individual you claim you got this from has been caught multiple times offering fake items and then lying about it. I approved this item back when less reprints of it were around. The more a certain someone sold copies of this, the less sure I became. If you wish to get it approved by another TPA to sell here, I can't stop you. But I would first suggest they see it in person. I am no forensic expert. I cannot speak for it's authenticity vs it being a reprint. My advice of avoidance comes from where you got this from and with the new knowledge of how many reprints we now know exist of this because of the individual you say you got this from. 

And if I recall, the last time you were on this site under your other name Tony G, you left the site abruptly and in a seeming panic when questions were brought up regarding your items. You unfriended everyone and deleted everything. Now I get a friend request from you saying you're Tony and you're back to sell this Freddie item. Forgive me, but I would be crazy if I didn't question this. 

Innuendo I left the forum because I was Ill and I had some personal things todo I just bought to Francisco or Fran the item in 2018. Nothing more, I do not know what he has done or Mauricia Brancatto from Italy, I never have sell any forgery but I have the original item who has been sometimes forgered from spanish, english, german and italians forgers, I have seen this forgeries in internet but I HAVE JUST THE ORIGINAL. Maybe if you know exactly the Francisco (name and surname) who was here in ALM I can help you because it can be or not the person who sold me the original. From Francisco I have all the dates, emai, bank transfer etc , if the auto is not fine, I will go to claim him but some experts have seen the item personally and they say it is fine. Innuendo sorry for the confusion but about my item I think you make a mistake it is exactly the item you aproved some moths ago. You can not accept my friend request, I understand but I just wanted to send you some more private prooves that I have and some contacts that I received from Italy about my genuine item, I can touch the paper, see the flow, the ink etc , but lets get it on. Suerte / good luck

I've made no mistake here, friend. As I made clear a few times in this discussion, I am not calling this item a reprint. I'm saying I cannot say if it is or isn't and with it coming from an individual who was removed for offering this item reprinted on other pages and sites, it leaves me questioning this piece enough to warn against buying it. My approval for Queen items does allow them to be sold here, which is why I went on record saying I do not find it safe enough to give my approval for sale here. However, as I also mentioned, if you want to get a TPA to offer it here, I can't stop you. However, I have to be honest and say unless this is examined by someone who knows inks, I would still advise caution. 


He wouldn't disappear from a search. There's a reason he was forced to try to peddle his fakes on queenzone and other sites but this one. He can't post here anymore. 



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