Here's something interesting I thought I'd share with you all. Some of you might have heard that the remaining members of Queen are making a Freddie Mercury biopic coming to theaters at the end of the year. This movie has been in the making for many years now and most queen fans assumed it would never actually leave the ground. But here it is. In discussing it with a few friends in the field both online and off, I have to agree the movie will provide new exposure to brand new fans and as someone else has so brilliantly put it: more exposure means new fans, new fans means higher demand, higher demand means higher value. I have to say I agree. This is actually something those of us in the queen collecting circle have been noticing over the last few months. Freddie's value has been growing recently and the movie isn't even out yet. For example, last year the going rate for a signed freddie on plain paper was about $400. Today, they are averaging about $550-$600 on plain paper. Last year, a fully signed album was worth about $1,200. Today they are averaging about $1,800/1,900 and growing quickly. Ive been collecting queen for about 40 years (yikes) and I can tell you this is not the same as usual yearly value growth. It's happening much quicker. Genuine Freddie autographs are spending less and less time sitting on sale. Last year it was common to see a freddie signed item for sale for a few days before it was scooped up. These days, we are seeing them being purchased within hours of being offered. Just a heads up for those of you interested in freddie signed items: now is the time to buy (safely). These autographs will be a great investment soon. Who knows how high the value will go this time next year. 

As usual if anyone is considering a freddie or queen signed item, I'd be happy to offer my opinions and help. 

All the best 

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unfortunately along with this will come more forgeries and possibly hurt the genuine market as so commonly happens

There could be a spike in pricing for awhile but things may settle after the rush 

But as you pointed out, if someone wants FM, now is the time to buy to avoid the unknown. Not likely his prices will go down haha 

good post

Exactly, goodcat. The rush is coming and the demand has been growing over the last few months as it is. It's best to buy now to avoid the rush of fakes and sky high prices but his value keeps growing so even after it settles, it wont drop in value. The great thing about freddie was that the guy was a generous signer. Yeah he died young but he left us with a decent amount of signatures in circulation. Now, the demand seems to be going up and will get higher after the movie comes out. Leaves less authentic items in circulation. That's why I really want to stress to those considering buying a freddie not to panic buy. Itll be a good investment and its smart to buy before prices go higher but don't toss cash at just any item. Im always happy to help with advice if anyone wants to buy one. It's a balancing act for sure. Act now, but be safe!

Erick will be happy.... (groan)

We've been warning against his fakes and will continue to do so, thanks to your hard work. We've been showing fans that are new to collecting the forgeries done by known fakers. Theres another guy out in NJ who has been churning out the same crap for over a year now. I try to make sure people see his stuff and stay the hell away. Youd think most people would see a "fully signed queen item" for 200 bucks and know better than to buy it but some dont. I've had to tell too many fans that real queen signed items are well WELL over 200 dollars lol. 

I didn't know they were coming out with a movie. My mom just sold her freddie autograph and it looks like maybe she should have waited to sell until next year haha. But it's ok we're just happy it's going to someone who will appreciate it. Helpful post thanks!

likey or no likey?

My guess is they are good

by ebay seller "rockoholic2010"

I bring this up because 1 item ends in less than 30 mins

Likey quite a bit, actually. All genuine. All signed from 81-83

yes they are up there in price but the book isn't too bad IMO...yet

the LP is ending in moments time

Oh, itll get there. Just this morning a few friends and I were taking bets about how high a fully signed innuendo poster was going to get after 4 days on Ebay. If you were to have asked us last year, we'd say $1,500ish. Now everyones leaning toward 2k. 

then the BIN price for the book is pretty decent if I were to take your calculations into account, yes?

Which one? The poster or the others from rockaholic?

he only has 2 items (book and LP)

that freddy above is from the book




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