Hey everyone,

Was wondering if I could get some opinions/help regarding an item PPC has up for sale on eBay:


I'm a bit concerned as I've heard some stories about PPC (autopen, Nascar fiasco etc...) and wanted a second opinion. To me the signatures look like they check out but I am a 100% novice in the world of signatures - I'm just basing it off the many examples I've seen on the internet. I know it's certified by PSA/DNA but I've dealt extensively with PSA in terms of trading card grading and know they are far from reliable far too often. I've messaged PPC asking if they know the origin of the autographs (date/time/circumstance) and will update when I get a reply as well from them.

Also, what would we assume a fair price to be for the item? I know PPC has it's stuff massively inflated in terms of pricing. 

Thanks for any help.


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I am leary of buying from them.

I am very, very leery - in fact, I would not. 

Any specific reason? Are there any other Rock memorabilia sellers/auctions you'd recommend?

I just seen a, Fender jazz bass that duff used, signed by him, Axl , Slash sell for 10k in the Alice in chain auction.

Thanks for the info. I guess it confirms the price since I saw a few auctions as well that have "supposed" played guitars and they always sell in the 6000 to 12000 range like that one so I assumed only a signed random guitar would be in the 1/4-1/3 of that price range.

Please do some research on this site and you will learn all you need to know. I would not buy anything from them.

I've done research but all I hear people say is they are leery of them but nothing very concrete besides the Jungle Book Chimpanzee thing and Nascar stuff I didn't read in detail. Are we assuming all their items for sale are fake, even the one in question? People here don't even take the time to look at the item or make an educated comment regarding the signatures, they just say stay away. Are we saying they've sold 38000 fake items??? Not trying to sound like an ass, just looking for some help with that specific item and so far it's just been the same comments over and over.

You already have the information you need to make a decision IMO. I do not recommend dealers or whatever as you asked, it is each autograph that matters to me. Such a blanket statement, even with the best of intentions, could lead to the purchase of an item you don't really want.

Slash, Axl look solid! The other 3 you could easily forge, so it's a bit of a punt. There's items in their stock that aren't authentic, the where's, the who's, the why's, is another question.
You know 3 of the band members are easy to obtain.
Its your choice and money at the end of the day.

I felt the same way. I don't have the means to chase them down and get autographs in person at charity events etc...so I don't have the option of getting some and not the others unfortunately. Would you recommend having a second opinion on it like JSA if I were to purchase it? Thanks for the help.

I agree with Paul here.  I actually think they all look pretty good, with the only weird ones being the Adler (which just seems a little "off") and the Izzy (who's graph is typically a disaster anyway).  All in all, I think it's probably okay, but for that kind of money I'd still ask Roger for a $15 opinion.

So despite it being verified by PSA you'd still recommend staying away?



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