Galen and Paul featuring Paul Simonon from The Clash / Gorillaz

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Galen not autopen, but the second signature is very strange, and very different in structure: the A does not follow the same drawing pattern (up/down/left/straight right vs up/down and probably lifting the pen for the bar) as well as the y after the A. 

Oh, not again!

If you check out the signing video on Facebook — linked on page one of this thread — the clues are there.  You only see Galen signing the LP prints, whilst Paul’s signature looks identical to the examples posted here.  The LP print is definitely autopen by Paul.

So far, I’m leaning toward my CD being hand-signed, but I’d like to see more examples to compare it with.  There are enough differences between mine and the couple of examples I’ve seen on eBay to make me think it’s good.  Plus, I’m not seeing any of the telltale signs of autopen.  They’ve used a thick, silver marker, but it appears to have been written quickly, and there is some slight smudging in one or two spots.

There is one CD insert in the Facebook video that looks suspicious, to me.  The signature is a little different, more detailed and stylised.  So, it could be that there are a mixture of real and autopen signatures out there.  We need to see more examples of the CD here, please.

Here’s another CD, from Discogs, different to mine:

Comparing these 2 side by side, I am calling the cd's good. Luckily, I purchased the CD, mine hasn't arrived yet.  For those that purchased the LP, get your money back:(

Of the CDs I’ve seen so far, I believe they are good also.

HOWEVER, this screenshot from the Facebook signing video shows a suspicious Simonon signature, IMO:

I'm no expert in his autograph nor an authenticator, but from a practical perspective these could be ghost signed. That's probably easier than setting up an autopen machine for these small pieces of paper (more cost-effective) and the short scribble is easier to reproduce.

Not saying he did not sign these - I do not know. Trying to say that "not autopen" does not necessarily mean these are good.

I agree on this, those 3 signatures cannot be from the same signer, unless he is very very inconsistent (the initial S, the dot, the m are so different)

It looks like for the LP prints all Paul's surnames are autopen meaning that anyone could do a 'P' and squiggle for the first name to give variation needed. If that's the case this is a very calculated deception of true fans... very disappointed... 

I’ve reached out to Ceremony of Roses for a refund on my LP/print order. Let’s see what BS they spew back.

Today’s update from customer service;

Thanks for your e-mail and sorry to hear of the issues reported with your recent purchase.
I have escalated this with the releasing label and await a response on the matter, we will update you shortly. I was under the impression these should be hand signed so your e-mail does trouble me.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused and please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any further queries in the meantime.

that seems to be a better response than usual with them acting surprised and not immediately denying it, but if I had to guess the next response will be that the label has assured them that they are all hand signed. do hope I'm wrong though and more of these companies start standing up to the labels  

And the latest…

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the delay here, just spoken with the product manager at the label.
They inform me that whilst part of the artwork does indeed contain autopen signature of Pauls, this should also be signed by both artists by hand in person as well. Can I check that the product has been opened up and fully inspected?
Some photos would be extremely helpful if you are still under the impression this does not contain genuine signatures anywhere.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused here.


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