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Not authentic IMO.

Okay thanks for your  feedback . So far that’s one for and one against.

It looks slowly drawn and misshapen, especially the last name portion.

Not for me.

Don't like it...sorry

Hi Jim

Thanks for your response .

Who to say for sure, I do believe the seller and I do believe it is genuine.

The seller got it from his Aunt who’s Sister worked at the Brighton Hippodrome July 1964. The sister got his uncle and aunt back stage. There were the Fab 4 were being mobbed by the lucky few,he said that his aunt constantly used to tease his uncle that she caught George’s eye ….because George looked over at her and then came over, at that point the uncle pulled out his autograph book and ask him for his autograph, which he kindly did.

The seller went on to say that aunt constantly brought up the same story down through the years and used it to tease his uncle that George took a fancy to her.

Great story …..and I believe it.

Thanks again for all your comments. Ron

I agree, I do not believe this is genuine either from a few different areas in the first name and last. I would also be weary of putting your entire faith in a story that has been "supposedly" passed down from an aunt who got it from their sister, that they now have acquired etc.

You are taking the word of a 3rd generational account and either one of the three could be making it up or confused on the specifics. It happens, invent a story to sell an item based on its provenance. I wouldn't be so easy to discount some of the opinions here in this post, especially when you asked. 

Also to add. If signed for the Uncle in the story George wouldn't have added the three X's as that would be signed for a female. 

Nice catch, Adam. That’s a great point. 

this signature has a lot of issues.  a lot.


The story goes that the Aunt attracted George’s attention, the Uncle would have probably been handed the book to his girlfriend at the time (the Aunt) for the signing. 

Any case we will never know.


The Aunt and Uncle had the autograph and it was not passed down from the Sister, the worked at the Brighton Hippodrome and there arranged back stage access for her Sister and the Uncle (her boyfriend at the time).

The story was first hand and not passed down.



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