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It won't let me add to cart. 

UK only

Yeah, I keep two recordstore accounts. One of them I buy things that ship to US, the other is for UK only orders that go to the forwarder. It's annoying, but it works. 

Whos your forwarder


Are they pretty reliable, whats the cost for them to ship to you

The cost is high like KD says-- it's usually upwards of $20 to ship a bluray or CD with their cheapest option, in addition to what you already paid. So to pay $20 to ship a signed $3 single might seem unreasonable, and in certain cases, it is.

However, in the case of Elton John, I paid about $25 for a single that ebayers were trying to sell for $100. So I still see it as coming out ahead. 

They've been reliable so far.

Thanks for the info I signed up and ordered some of the ghost stuff so well see.

Used forwardvia a couple times, I find them reliable and competent!

I'm always confused by listings like these. Does the vinyl get a 12x12 print, while the CD gets a 5x5 print, or do they all get the same sized print?

I've been disappointed by these unclear listings before, most recently with the Korn vinyl from the French store which came with the same card as the Amazon CDs. So I'll count on it to be CD-sized unless stated otherwise. However I ordered one vinyl just in case.

It shows a picture of the print, hope it’s not folded 



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