It's our first trip since 1985 - hopefully with the same result!

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Congratulations James.  The 2014 Kansas City Royals are the best thing that has happened to MLB for a very long time.

Hey, thanks a lot. I agree. I've usually been one that loves a great underdog story. So I think I'd be rooting for the Royals even if they weren't my team. We were really good from 1976 to 1985. We played the Yankees for the American League Pennant 4 times in 5 years, finally beating them in 1980. But after 1985, well success alluded us for 29 years, and then in 2014 we got back to the ultimate showcase in American professional sports, IMO, the World Series. Only time will tell if it ultimately has a happy ending.

Great game last night.

Yes, really great game. But nerve-racking as well! I was afraid they were going to tie it in the sixth, especially as Herrera was having some control issues. But the 21yo rookie, Brandon Finnegan, stepped up big time. A win tonight would be HUGE!

Kelvin Herrera had me concerned last night as well.  If the Kansas City Royals win tonight, it will simply be their World Series to lose.  Good luck James.  I think that I speak for most New York Yankees fans when I say that I hope that the Kansas City Royals win the World Series this year, in spite of the Pine Tar Incident.  I will even be happy for George Brett.

Well, I really appreciate your good wishes. This metro area (I live in Kansas, about four miles from the Missouri state line) is really rockin' right now. This Royals' run has been an unexpected pleasure. We were just hoping to make the playoffs somehow! Oh, how 'bout that Pine Tar! What a memorable moment. And you gotta give it to Billy Martin for pulling out all the stops. I wonder if he and Brett ever became golfing buddies?! Those were some great times.

Good luck tonight Bud.  I know a lot of New York Yankees fans who are rooting for your team.  Perhaps we feel just a little bit guilty about.... know....

Man, that was a tough one tonight. Tying run 90 feet away. You can't get much closer than that, unless I guess if Gordon had just kept going and tried to score the inside-the-park-home run (helped by an error or two). But he probably would have been thrown out at the plate. Unless the throw was off-line. Of course, we'll never know. But we'll speculate for years. Nevertheless, it wasn't meant to be. Hats off to the Giants. 3 in 5 is always rare - except for the greatest team in the history of professional sports - your New York Yankees! Thanks for your support. It was a fun season.


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