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Sold out instantly. Posting for info and if there's a restock.


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the French store has them now too but $38 shipping for 1 signed Cd is an easy pass even though I wanted one, but if anyone is closer


Merci !

I actually couldn't even get the payment to go through.

I didn't even try to complete the order after I saw the shipping cost. 

I thought the same, then added a few to the cart to make the math work out a bit better. Just couldn't get the order to process though, and I'm not sure why.

after seeing this pic the signed card looks pretty small, that combined with the GA signature makes me glad I didn't get one now lol 

Not big on dealers or IP collectors, but All-Autographes in France got a few nice 8 x10s from her a couple months ago. Factoring in more moderate shipping costs, those also end up being notably cheaper than the CDs.

I'm curious to see how accessible she'll be in-person one her upcoming US tour. A downward trend seems likely.

Paint splatter by Billie Eilish is worth a small fortune these days - this will hold some value in my honest opinion

if anyone is near Amoeba Hollywood

Doesn't seem like she's going to be signing at this one. 

Ah sorry about that, i didn't actually read it since it's probably a 2 day drive from me anyway lol. 

I think she's quickly getting stingier about this stuff. She was supposed to sign posters for her Banquet/Prizm appearance, but I'm not sure she even did that (i.e. I haven't seen any fans poster them referencing them, etc)..


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