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Hey Now!

I'm thinking of purchasing these 3 Grateful Dead signed albums and I'm hoping one of you can verify the authenticity. The photos are attached below.


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how much are they asking for each are they in an auction

No not in auction. 

He was wanting $600 each, then a week later dropped price to $500 each. 

I offered $1,100 for all 3 and he agreed to that. 

It is the whole Album, not just the cover


if real your talking 2k to 3 k each plus he did all the nice window dressing to fool you.

I have plenty real full grateful dead band stuff my full bands start at 3 k

a solo jerry photo should set u back 1k minium most likely 1500 to 2k

the most ive ever sold a a full dead for was 10k on ebay

theres a flood of cheap fake dead going around all looking very preyty some are rally bad

ask they seller if he will pay for a quick opinion from psa or roger and see what they say

I asked for authenticity and this is what he sent me. 


Attachments: No photo uploads here

good ole Myron just as I thought as fake as a 2$ bill and las vegas just a joke

if u want pay for a quick opinion from roger

and if your interested in real ones  mine start at 3k if your interested .knowbody is  giving away stuff or one 5 of the price they can get in 2 seconds if real

lets steve chime in on your coas

Who is Roger and how to I link up with him to pay?

Can he authenticate based on the photos I uploaded?

You'll have to ask Roger, but if the autographs you're being offered are real, he could get several thousand dollars for them. Why would he agree to sell them to you for $1,100?

How do I get in contact with Roger?

What is his last name on here? There are several members named Roger. 

I'm more than willing to pay for his expert opinion. 


Let's get member opinions on your Myron Ross Heroes and Legends COA:


Before you start buying autographs, especially expensive ones, spend time to learn about the market, how to collect and authenticity. Too many new collectors learn the hard way by jumping in. Take your time and you can avoid that, be thousands of dollars ahead, and not have a bad feeling every time you hear a band whose autographs you got burned on.

Thank you Steve. 

I agree that due diligence is needed and it will save $$ in the long run. 

I was overly optimistic on this one and assumed it was legit. 

How do I contact Roger and get his expert opinion?

You did the right thing by asking here, Joseph.

For an opinion from Roger go to: https://rogerepperson.com

Each item is $15, so I'd just pick one for starters. The easiest one to see. Don't send him COAs so you don't need to be concerned if that would bias him.



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