I decided to make a thread out of this. On another thread here, someone posted this picture and asked if it was authentic.

I said that to my knowledge it's absolutely authentic. I know it's a through the mail autograph and here are a few more.


These ttm at first gave me pause for two main reasons.

1. Stars don't usually sign their mail.

2. The fact that he'd sign and then add a long inscription as well seemed unlikely.

The first thing I did was compare the signature to exemplars and then compare the writing. They passed the test for me. The pillars of Gregory Peck's signature were consistent and so was the writing.

Here are a couple signed checks and a nice photo still sold through RR.

Here's a note written by Gregory Peck. I'm not sure if it was ttm or not. Clearly the same signer.

And lastly, some other writing examples sold through RR with an earlier version of Gregory Peck's signature. The writing continues to remain consistent.


So this thread is partly a tribute to an actor from classic Hollywood who found the time to actually sign his mail and partly asking if anyone has any information or sees something in these photos and checks that I don't. Thanks.




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Thanks for the info and help Brick - sure that it will be of use to others as well 

Thanks, Grant. Any other examples or questions etc. you can just post here if you want.

Hi, I am new to the site but have been collecting autographs for around 15 years.  In my collection I have got the following Gregory Peck signed photograph with a dedication.  It was originally acquired from a UACC registered dealer in the UK, but looking at it recently I have misgivings about it.  I think I was initially convinced of the authenticity due to the length of the dedication, but looking at some of the ones above I am not sure that it matches up.  I would be really grateful for your thoughts.

Sorry for the fact that the picture is sideways, It's upright on my computer screen but I can't seem to upload it vertically.

imo looks good

I'd say it looks fine

looks good to me

this one was in person obtained by my aunt when he was filming Arabesque  at the end of our street in 1964 !!!

And this is one from 1991 - with Billy Wilder and Stanley Donen at a tribute event for Audrey Hepburn.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I can't thank you enough for posting this! I've trying to get a Gregory Peck autograph for many many years, but I had no reliable references whatsoever and it seemed like nobody here could help me, so I'm extremely grateful. Hopefully I'll get him soon! ;)



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