Guns N Roses - Appetite LP signed by OG lineup. Odds of being authentic?

Hi all, I am wondering about people here's opinions on the possible authenticity of the attached signed LP. 

I am a total beginner to signed memorabilia/autographs so am also wondering what value something like this will hold if it's genuine - can anyone estimate? 

Thank you for any help.     

Guns N Roses signed lp Appetite For Destruction by 5 original image 1

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Hi, this one is a fake, and I have seen this type of forgery many times. I have a lot of pictures of genuine GNR memorabilia but nothing for sale. I have included a few to hopefully point you in the right direction. Now, I am not 100% sure on the value of a vinyl AFD copy signed by the original 5, but my guess would be between $2,000 - $3,000 , and probably closer to $4,000 if it is a Robert Williams "banned" copy of the album. Izzy Stradlin's autograph is worth the most because he rarely signs and is difficult to access. When it comes to Axl, his signature is also difficult to obtain and worth $500 at a minimum, and on a copy of AFD, would be above $1,000. It is much easier to find a copy of AFD without Axl and Izzy's signature and would be much, much more affordable. Not to mention the fact that most fully signed lp's are fake. Anyway, the first photo I included is a piece of paper signed on a live television program when the band visited Japan in 1988 gnr1.png. The second is a signed fan club photo most likely signed in 1988 as well gnr2.png . The third is my AFD copy signed in 1991 but not for sale gnr3.png. The next is a copy of AFD signed in the mid- 2000's gnr4.png. Lastly, my drumhead signed in 2016 given out in a VIP package at their Oklahoma City concert gnr5.png. Hopefully that gives you a rough idea of how their signatures have evolved. Sorry for the long response, I hope it helps. I have plenty of other photos of signed items from different eras of the band that I can share. I would also recommend two facebook groups: "Guns N Roses Merchandise," and "Guns N Roses Collectors." There are a lot of experienced collectors in both groups who can also help. The only problem is that there are also less experienced collectors who sometimes give out incorrect opinions. I hope this helps.

Hi D. Mart. Thank you very much for such an excellent reply. 

The price did seem too good to be true for a start (Think it was around 700GBP) so I was skeptical, thank you for confirming it's fake. 

Each of your pieces is fantastic and I think at the estimated prices I'll definitely be looking out for a legitimate Appetite signed by at least Slash and Duff. Ideally this would be the whole band but understand this will be rare and require some patience, research and comparison by the looks of it.  

Thanks again for the comprehensive response! 




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