Some of you know me, and from what I understand, someone caught selling yet another bad Ford autograph has once again, decided to spout off at the mouth. Claims that I am a dealer and I only tell unsuspecting autograph buyers that their item is fake so that I can sell my own Harrison Fords. Again I am hearing claims that the likely supplier of the forgeries is the true expert on Harrison Ford autographs.

Side note the seller sent me a friend request message yesterday with the single question about if I knew a particular collector. In my world this says plenty, and likely tells me where the piece originated.

When I tell people that I track the sale of Harrison Ford autographs, I am not kidding around, I watch sales here, I watch sales on rebelscum and on ebay and other online auction sites.

Who signed them? Who is the forger? I am not going to play games and point fingers, nor will I even guess if the supplier is the forger, all I can do is put together where they came from.   

I will give the people that have had these in their possession, that courtesy. They can come clean about where they got them as the "in-person" and "private signing" stories fall apart.

This is the same courtesy I tried to provide to Marc Moser, the last guy caught in a huge Ford Forgery mess. He decided to drag my name thru the mud for a few months as well, but by doing that he just shot himself in the foot. People will wake up sooner or later, and the truth does come out.   

 I present these images to you, again supplying the signatures and letting the people on this forum and others as judge, you decide the truth. You will also be the deciding factor if these autograph professionals keep their reputations or if they have earned brand new ones.

Every item below has been tracked to the most recent seller, and through his own admission the source of the autographs, I will also include items sold elsewhere by the supplier who admitted on these very pages to supplying some of these.

The pattern is pretty clear to me.

As for the recent claims about me being a dealer, out to only hurt other peoples supposedly reputable business.

Please keep in mind, that anyone that has purchased anything at all from me in the past 5 years has approached me. When they do I usually point them in other directions and offer to authenticate (for free) any item they ask about, from any other source.

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For those who are new to the hobby, I can say one thing.. Pete Chuka is by far the most honest and knowledgable person I know.  He has put thousands of hours into studying autographs and has passed on his knowledge, free of charge, to hundreds of people. I have learned a lot from Pete and he continues to help myself and many others avoid forgeries and expand our collections. If there is one person I would trust above all others to have the final say on a Harrison Ford autograph, it's Pete.  Over the years he has identified and single handedly shut down multiple sources of Harrison Ford forgeries and saved collectors many thousands of dollars they would have spent on fake autographs.  We are very lucky to have him here.

So is he also infallible?
Wonderful response there, Robert.
Thank you, Brad. ;)


On the autographs Pete knows, I think he's as infallable as it gets. And Harrison Ford is at the top of the list.

I'll take your word for it, Steve. ;)
Well all I can really say is that,getting into this side of the hobby I have bought 3 fords from 3 different sources and each time Peter has given me the thumbs up on them and gave me his honest opinion about each one,so I will call cocky pot with the claim this supplier/seller is shooting at Pete..I am glad that this came out now and the most recent victim is getting his items back and things made right.Keep doing what you are doing Pete and thank you!!
Pete is beyond reproach.

I think Pete has been one of the most helpful members on this site. He gives generously of his time and expertise. And I've never seen him bad mouth a seller, only give opinions on the specific items inquired about. When if comes to Ford, he is the best.

Keep it up Pete Chuka and thank you for all the help you do on this website. If your hissing people off, you must be doing something right.

The first one is currently being offered on Facebook for $350:

Yes, Matt Sanders bought it which is what prompted this whole thing.  With Pete's help he was able to get a refund.


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