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I Just wanted to say something to all Heath Ledger Fans who are looking out for an Joker Autograph. Over 90% of all the Joker autographs are Fake, because it was not possible for Heath to sign them. The point is, there was only ONE Joker Photo out before Heath died. And thats this one:


So Autographs like this:


Can`t be real.

But all other autographs of Heath from for example Brokeback Mountain or the Patriot could be real!

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Very true. 

For those stating that there was only one production photograph out there prior to Heath Ledgers death. What are your opinions regarding this article?


It's been 13 years - things change, surface etc.

Surprised it was not authenticated when it sold last year. Another example of the same image signed sold the year before for $4k, also not authenticated.

Have to agree, dropping that amount of dollars without it being authenticated seems ludicrous to me!



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