Hildur Guðnadóttir, Cate Blanchett, Todd Field, & Sophie Kauer signed Art Prints

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To my surprise, my payment for this has just been refunded but I haven't received any email from the store. Has anyone else that ordered had the same thing happen? (When I ordered in October the item was still showing in stock on the website and I received an order confirmation). 

You sure it was a payment, not a creditcard hold? As you didn't get an email and it's exactly a month later, it's possible it was a hold that expired after 30 days.

Have you got an account with the website to check status?  I just checked mine and it says the order is pending.  My email confirmation says the release date is 20 Jan 23.  I paid by Paypal and  ordered on 23 Oct 9am AWST (generally 22 Oct in the northern hemisphere depending where you are).

What date did you order? 

October 22

Thanks, you could be right. It looks like a credit but will wait to see.

Thanks, unfortunately I didn't register for an account. Will keep my fingers crossed.

I was just able to order two for gifts from Centerstage. It’s listed as $75 but everything on the site is 25% off. Came to about $130 for two including shipping which was only $7. Ships in Jan. 

Cate’s autograph isn’t cheap so this is a steal. She had a private signing recently and to get her signature on a Blue Jasmine card was outrageous. Glad I didn’t bite. This set is a find. 


CLASSICALCSS for an extra 10% off as well. Thanks for the info

$116.34 for 2 total after shipping to the US

Woohoo Jason! Thanks for sharing the code to help others. Glad you were able to get them. 

thank you!

If you wernt able to take advantage of the coupon, I would reorder, once your order is in place, email to cancel the original order.. I know how it feels to miss out on a coupon. I passed on this from the other site but at this price, I had to pick a few up


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