Got this stupidly from someone on eBay with a 4,000 + positive reviews and no negative feedback. Auto was Not authenticated. Says he got it signed in person at an airport while Shady was walking and it’s a huge poster too.. It’s sorta sloppy the signature I mean. Any comments would be great! Thanks everyone 

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From the little I looked at this seems off and very neat.

The signature itself is really big. Maybe 5-6 wide. 


It still looks very neat and slow as well as odd. Who was the seller? I don't see it in closed auctions.

We did it through paypal and ended up not doing it via ebay. I do have buyer protection though.

I would definitely seek more opinions. This seller is almost exclusively vintage sports - can't speak to his knowledge of Slim Shady autographs on huge posters in airports...My guess is it will be returned - let's see.

Nevermind, I was mistaken he was on tour and did a show in fresno for his relapse album back in 2010 that had just been released. He bought poster at concert and got it signed there. Don't know why I had airport in my head. He was telling me how he got another signature at an airport. Not this one. He has a lot of stuff he sent pictures of after I bought the poster.

It's a story - doesn't change the signature.

I def agree... I think I got played. Guess it happens to a lot of us who are very amateur at this. Lesson learned tho is the silver lining and the buyer protection saved my butt!!

What condition is this huge poster? Does that signature look like it was signed at a concert? It appears very slow and different compared to what I have looked at.

Great. Next time post before purchasing - saves time & $ :)

Oh trust me if I had known of this site beforehand I def would of done more research!! All my other autos are real atleast! Got them in person and others are from sports cards I got when I was younger. I don’t sell anything. 



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