This Ringo just came for sale on a popular Facebook page, and hoping to complete my Beatles collection. Looks good to me, but admittedly, I'm weaker on Ringo than the other gents. Also hoping someone can help me date it, as I'm trying to find a full name Ringo from their playing days, specifically, '63 or '64 if possible. Thanks guys for any and all opinions!

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Gary Harvey l.p. collector should be ok 

Looks good to me.

Nice clean Ringo...maybe very late '63...early 1964...

I don't like the star at all.

The star under his name ‘deteriorated’ slowly over time before finally being dropped after he started signing single name.

I also think this is a 1980’s signature.

Genuine and I would say early 1980's.

the ST is a little strange but likely authentic.

Authentic, in my opinion.
thanks guys! even though i'd prefer something contemporaneous to their playing days, for me having a full name is most important. the later, just Ringo sigs don't do it for me. plus, having a cut (or non-photo in this case) fits in with my framing idea for my other single signed items. planning on picking it up and excited to share what my finished product ends up looking like.

side question: i'm sure it's generally frowned upon, and i've never actually done it myself, but also contemplating cutting some of the extra empty space away to make it a little more presentable... attaching a full pic, the full sheet is 12"x8" while the auto measures about 4"x2". how do you guys feel about that, would the value be impacted severely in the future? i don't plan on even getting close to the sig, but maybe getting it down to like 5"x7" or something.
Attachments: No photo uploads here
In most cases I would say "don't cut!" however I think you have so much dead space anyways and your plan is to frame it...So in this case I don't think there is much history beyond the signature itself, so if a cut would work for what you planned then I would say just be careful (especially with leaving enough space to frame) congrats!
My sentiments exactly, Adam. I would never normally think of cutting, but there's just *so* much unnecessary empty space... I would even leave intact the pencil written name below by whoever obtained it, I assume, with plenty of room to spare around the signature. But all that space underneath is just a waste, if you ask me.

I agree that it's likely from the 80's.



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