Nothing will protect you better against buying autographs that aren't authentic than doing business with reputable dealers and auction houses with a solid lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Share your tips, questions and experiences here!

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Hi,I buy a lot of my autographs from auction like Todd Mueller,and aacsauction,do you think that they are reputable dealers.Thanks
Todd Mueller appears to have no issues, but here's my take on AACS. I'm not an expert but I do a lot of collecting. This is their policy off their website:

"Certificates Of Authenticity:
As a UACC Registered Dealer, we abide by their guidelines; therefore, we do not issue COA's.
Each autographed/signed item is sold unconditionally guaranteed as genuine without a time limit except for those items already authenticated by a third party authenticator. If an item is declared as not being authentic, we reserve the right to request the purchaser/buyer to supply the written opinion of a competent authority who AACS Autographs recognizes as such in the autograph industry, as to the authenticity of the item. Once proper documentation has been submitted, we will then refund the purchaser/buyer in full. The buyer's only remedy under this guarantee is the cancellation of the sale and the refund of the purchase price only. Other fees, including "authentication" fees will not refundable by AACS Autographs. This guarantee does not apply to non-autographed items. Due to high error rates by PSA/DNA, JSA and GAI, their opinions will be considered on a case-by-case basis."
> So, they don't issue COA's and probably won't accept PSA, JSA or GAI opinions Ooops. Finally, here's a signed Tiger Woods autograph from their October 18th auction. Check the very questionable "signature" and YOU be the judge Nuff said.

I have bought a lot autographs from elmers nostalgia in the last 5 years or so. I have also bought autographs from starshots autographs as well. They both offer lifetime authenticity on autographs which i have never felt a bit questionable.
My best approach at rating dealers is to watch their stock and actions over a long time. They have to keep to offer material that I believe to be authentic and their stock reflects actual star appearances chronologically. Sometimes I wait quite a time for new signatures to arrive that I'm very familiar with just to judge the dealer.

The COA is of absolutely minor importance to me. I rather watch out, that it contains the full contact details of the dealer. Otherwise it is even more useless and also makes the dealer very questionable (why would a reputable dealer not want to put his adress on his certificates?). A red flag are definately those fancy COAs with lots of ornaments, stamps, seals and printed on parchment but with only an unreadable signature and no actual information on it.
If Certificate of Authenticities are important for you please keep in mind that a COA without picture of the item will be worthless. Else you never could demonstrate that you actually purchased exactly this autograph and a not good seller could always claim that he sold you an authentic example but you returned a questionable item.... please be careful and educate yourself

Markus Brandes
A reputable autograph dealer like a good mechanic is a priceless thing to find. In my opinion COA's are pretty much worthless being that anyone can print off a COA to say whatever. The UACC is a good source to begin your research to find a good one. Also, if you do attend conventions you can find good, respectable, and honest sources to find autographs. Trick is to go to the same one over several years and only buy from those that return. Space-Debris ( is good for science fiction items. I have personally taken every photo that I have purchased from him and sent off to an authenticator and every one has been verified as being authentic. However, doing such verification is both expensive and time consuming.
My experience has been that anyone who advertised in Autograph magazine has been a good source of authentic autographs. Joseph, ask Steve if Todd or AAcsauction has ever advertised there. I honestly don't know but what I do know is Autograph magazine has a strong stance on forgeries and do their due dilligence to make sure that forgers, sellers of forgeries, and questionable autograph organizations are not allowed to advertise there. My hat is off to this stance as I'm sure it costs them countless dollars in advertising revenue.

Michael Kasmar
Advertising only tells one they want to increase sales and tells nothing of a sellers authentic or fake items offered.The dirt bags involved in Operation Bullpen placed ads in reputeable magazines and their items were far from authentic.Not advertising in Autograph magazine seems a rather ridiculous reason to question anyones charachter Michael.AACS is questionable in its authenticity of items,Todd Mueller is not.
Regarding authenticity my slogan is always: "Think inversely". Before you purchase an autograph you should think along the lines that it is not genuine, than do your research hoping to prove otherwise. Assemble your own reference library and purchase all the reference books available. Don't depend on what can be a worthless Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from a dealer. Educating yourself is the best way to build a fine collection.
I wanted to Share with you a business that did add's with you at one time. And they have fallin in Hard times and is about to loose there home and i guess ther business. Deep in my Heart i wanted to help and try to do what i could to help them. And also hearing from others they might not be the Most reputable or trust worthy 1 But God said to me , Help them. I sent them 2 of my Autograph for them to try to help them and also me. Now they need our prayers they are so worried and upset. They are in my Heart trying Steve , i Believe to do the Best they can. I dont want to give there name. But i think you and i know who i'm talking about.... I just wanted you to maybe see and try looking at them and with Christmas and all. Let us try to help a brother in need and a Fellow Autograph Collector and his Family. What do u think ! Mary Christmas ! steve ,ky ....

Hello All,

So I am brand new at collecting sports Items.  I have baseball cards and stamps from when I was a kid, but now I am into sports memorabelia.   I do not have a big budget to spend on things right now, but I have been on and have bought an autographed boxing glove signed by Floyd Mayweather Jr.  It has a certificate of authenticity with it from PSA/DNA.  I have heard that they have had some scrutiny in the past,  I was wondering if you think I bought a fake that will never have any vaiue.  Please let me know your thought and if you have any other places that I should be looking for small signed items that are guarunteed authentic for a person with not a big budget to spend.   Any info will help. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

I havent recieved the glove yet (should be here by tomorrow night).   Once I receive it I will take a picture and upload it for you.




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