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Thank you for the reply Bill. All my old books and such are packed away. May I ask where you looked ?? Did Howard actually have auto pen or stamped signatures ?? There is one on EBAY at the moment, (not the most reliable source, I know) looks very similar, in the same breath, looks different in many ways. He was a stroke victim and I'm not a complete novice, but he is fairly rare.  Your opinion, its good, or not ?

I too googled, but came up with very little. I will check again. So what is your opinion ??

I didn't check any exemplars but I believe he is saying he signs consistently and the sig is probably good? I await his reply.

Well, I did come up with 2. One was sold on EBAY by "SigKing" I'm not too sure about him as a seller, but the two sigs do match. I also saw one shown on Worthpoint and again, it was nearly identical. So far so good. Its just he is so rare and fairly expensive, hate to always wonder if I bought fake.

Gotchya, thanks Bill. Its coming from a UACC dealer, but that doesn't carry the weight it did years ago. I've reached out to a very highly regarded dealer I know, he is not familiar either, but stated he would check with someone he knows. Thanks again Bill.

How bout 51/49 ?


Dale I have an example that I am. 95 percent sure it is real! I will try out it on here this week


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