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My Signed inserts arrived from the UK website in the flimsiest thin envelope with zero protection - amazingly arrived with only a couple of tiny corner dinks.


Did you get shipping notice, or did they just arrive?

No, I didn't get a shipping notice they just turned up in a thin pre paid 1st class Royal Mail envelope, no receipt or paperwork.  . 

Oh jeez, not great service…

Bang bang, I got mine:

Mine arrived today and it was very well packaged. Still waiting for the vinyl + poster, tho!

P.S.: I think you haven't talked about authenticity yet. Personally, I find Iggy's signature kinda difficult because he always tends to be very sloppy. Do you think he really signed the cards?

I don’t see anything to doubt here.  That’s Iggy’s signature all day long.

Received my 2 cds from Canada today, shipped to the US. I thought I read someone had their order canceled saying they wouldn't ship outside of canada.. I had no faith these would arrive but they did

Silly question - this is signed on the front cover and not the plastic CD jewel case right? Perhaps it the reflection. Congrats!

I just opened one up to see. Its a signed art card

These look great!

Mine came unsigned even though it wrote in the invoice - EVERY LOSER Autographed CD x 2

Warner EU just can't get anything right.



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