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Wow, those ARE quite different.Thanks for sharing.

Finally arrived from the states the vinyl with signed poster bit of a wait but happy with that 

Very nice! 

So I keep on getting a reply that there's no estimated date from Warner us store should I just get a refund,saw iggy signing them and some of yall getting them just wondering what should I do.At this point I think I'm not getting s***.

I’m still waiting on the CD version of the album…

Thanks for heads up I just created another ticket.I just ordered one signed cd and one poster

I think you will probably get them at some point if you want to wait a little longer. But it is Warner who are horrible, so who knows. I received my 2 lps with posters about a month ago. And I just got my 2 signed cds that I ordered within a couple minutes of being posted on here about 2 weeks ago. All from the US store. The video made it sound like he was doing them in smaller batches.

Thanks for the help I appreciate it.Wow that's crazy ordered mine think Dec 12th

I am waiting on signed cd's from the US store.  Ordered in November.  They dont even bother replying to my messages. 

Believe in Iggy. I watched his video. He said he would make sure that everyone who ordered one would get one. This poor guy probably got sucked into it by the record company and didn't realise his 75-year old hands would have to be signing a thousand odd of these things. 

Damm that sucks they been ignoring me 2 they only replied in feb

ditto.  I received vinyl but not CDs and receive the same message as you when I followed up last week.  I also have an order from Warner Aust that I have not received anything from.



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