This ebay seller internationalsportz is a disgrace, he gets photo proof of one item then does mass forgeries. For example he has sold 83 signed MotoGP fully signed helmets in the last 18 months and over 70 F1 helmets. This is someone that FBI need to be getting onto.

 He goes to the Monaco Formula 1 race once a year and lives it up on his scammed money and gets one helmet signed, take a photo of them signing it (Never Jenson Button as he never signs any helmets anymore) then replicates them very poorly almost a hundred times.

 When Barcelona came to the US 2 years ago he got one shirt signed in their Miami hotel, took all the photos of them signing it and sold hundreds of forgeries, only thing is that he also forged Messi's autograph on them when Messi didn't come on that trip because he was on international duty.

There is complaints all over the net about this seller, etc, its about time this guy is locked up, view his feedback listings to see the hundreds of the same thing selling over and over again.

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ebay seller internationalsportz switch his ebay username to globalsportsgallery He have addition account polepositionsignatures2013 allamericanmemorabilia

Each account is registered under Nicole Schreiber, Allen Schreiber, Kevin Schreiber. Kevin Schreiber is the mastermind behind this scheme. His name been mention before on other autograph websites including this one as a known forger. 


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