Howdy everyone, well this one is quite out of my experience pool. I am proud of my extensive knowledge of actors/actresses and general TV and movie entertainment autograph knowledge, but I am only starting to learn some music items. I have always been a fan of Nirvana's music and more recently have been interested in purchasing a nice Cobain signature, but nothing to extravagant as I know his signatures can be very pricey.

I came across this beautiful signature and from what I can understand, it is authentic. I've had a few others also say it is authentic. Beautiful flow, all the right stuff seems to be there, but my major concern is value? It is only on a piece of paper and signed in blue ballpoint pen. It's a first name signature only which also seems to be the norm. Is this piece worth investing in? I will admit the price even on this signature is far more than I usually spend on my autographed items. Any help would be appreciated before I pull the trigger on this one.

Thanks guys and happy collecting.

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