Guys This Auto was obtained from Ebay. It has a Coa from pristine authentics. The Ceo

on the coa is David Hershman. I have search High and Low to find more about this company but Its like they dropped off of the face of the earth. I can't find anything!

The signature looks really impressive to me. There are a few things that Make me a little nervous about it though. The Zig Zag mark next to the E in Tiger and the W in woods.

The U in the W is almost never the same height in his sig. Other than that it looks very real.

If there is anyone that can help me find out more about this I would be more than grateful.

I have had several people look at this with all kinds of thoughts and opinions but no facts.

The shirts were said to be signed before Tigers deal with Upperdeck or at least right at the time he signed with them. It was said to have been purchased from a fund raiser at 

Marshall University. Thats about what I know. Please Please help.

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