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Hello purchased this 45 recently. Clearly not a harrison or Beatles signature but didn't know if this was anybody associated with them to me it doesn't look like a regular owners mark but more like an autograph. Thanks for your time

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Certainly not a George Harrison signature. 

I don't think they tried to forger Harrison's name. It's a different name altogether.

So, two things. First, as someone that has thousands and thousands of albums, and as a kid buying many at garage sales, keep this in mind -- many people back in the day, wrote (ie signed) their names on their albums. I know, it ruins the art work and all that, but they did it. My stepdad initialled all his albums (he said in case someone borrowed it and forgot to give it back and forgot it was his.

SECOND -- the thing I've done when I've come across an album signed by people that I didn't recognized, was...Google EVERYONE that played on that record. You'll be surprised. Sometimes it was signed by folks in the band, or touring musicians of that artist. And that's always a pleasant surprise.

Hey there. Yeah I bought this in a lot of 1000 records from one collector this was one of only 2 with writing the other one was an autograph. To me looks like a signature more then an owners name but who knows. Well aware it's not Harrison just was wondering if it was somebody who played with him at that time or management or something


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