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I don't see it - can you give a link? Some of it seems signed by a right handed person (the hook at the very start is unusual).The angle is unusual (normally down to the right), the tail end of the last stroke is normally up not down and the numerals seem a bit odd - normally connected with loops. The "o" leans the wrong way as well. I'm wary (and cautious). 

As I suspected - forgery confirmed by Andy. 

Those lyrics signed are immediately suspect - too good to be true. The price also a red flag for such an item. Sorry it wasn't better news.

Sorry I can’t send a link because it’s not posted yet. He had another for sale which sold and I asked if he had any others so he emailed me this one. So disappointed as he had a COA which explained where and when it was signed as well as a full explanation why it was real. So glad I found this site before pulling the trigger. Thank you! I will definitely keep looking and keep asking on here first!

Any excuse  to show one of mine

Gorgeous! Any tips on where I can get an authentic Bowie autograph would be greatly appreciated! 

I would absolutely start your search at:


The folks that run the above site are very well respected when it comes to Bowie. I have two Bowie pieces which I had both authenticated by the folks who run that site. They have items for sale on the site. I would also suggest checking with Roger Epperson at this site at:


Roger has a few Bowie pieces for sale right now. I would readily trust either of these resources. The Bowie site is artist specific. Roger is an industry leading music authenticator and is very well respected by this community and other reputable collector circles (RACC on Facebook, etc).

Hope this helps.

Might also want to check out RecordMecca at:


They also have a couple Bowie items, including one with Bowie signing his legal name. All depends on your budget and what you are looking for. I have done business with all 3 of these vendors and would recommend any of them. Again Happy Hunting.

I remember when he first died they were $149 - I bought as many as I could. Many sold to some here at little profit. For the same $ as RecordMecca you can get something better with patience. I just bought a signed Ziggy Stardust CD insert for much less. Keep or sell I don't know. It's a superb 2002 as my Heathen CD insert. It is made out to David.

COA is meaningless.

You are most welcome. Asking first is the way to go. I sent you a friend request. 



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