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This is from seller BrandesAutographs. Markus Brandes is a great and trusted seller, I am just suspicious as the "Dan" part of the auto looks legit compared to his autograph Ghostbusters cards but the last name looks way off. Just wanted a second opinion as I love the seller but looks a little off with "Aykroyd" compared to those auto cards. Thanks for your help!

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I haven't heard of BrandesAutographs but I agree this does look off with what I've seen of his before. Personally I would avoid this as I don't think the seller is affiliated with the RACC. 

Can’t speak for the autograph but Markus Brandes is one of the best autograph dealers in the WORLD! Markus is affiliated with all organizations. Please do a little research before commenting about a great dealer who is an asset to this industry.

I've been doing extensive research. I know he goes way back as one of the best autograph dealers in Europe and the most honest and trustworthy. I did read about him and I'm not saying anything against him, I'm more asking about the autograph itself. I've been looking for years for an authentic Dan Aykroyd auto and I jumped on this because I trust Markus Brandes but the "Aykroyd" isn't right so I was confused. Here is a JSA but it's $500 versus Markus which is $102...

Brandes Autographs is one of the most reputable and distinguished dealers in the industry. Misinformation and bad opinions sure do pop up on this board from time to time. 



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