I got this from an autograph dealer years ago when THE DARK KNIGHT was still in production. Right when Ledgers' first Joker promo pic came out. I didnt pay very much for it back then which gave me cause of concern ever since then. 

**I had it signed for me JUNE 25,2007 In NYC when Ledger was there for Christian Bale RESCUE DAWN screening. **

with the research ive done on my own there are some similiarities from this signature to the psa/dna examples online. 

However Heath Ledger signs different all the time that its still hard for me to determine if this is genuine or not. 

Before I go out shelling $ to get it authenticated , and or lose $ money by saying its a fake...I wanted to reach out to fellow collectors to get there opinions.



Please let me know what you all think.


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Wait, did you get it signed in person yourself or did you buy it from a dealer who said they got it signed in nyc?

either way, I think you’ve got a good chance of having the real deal here. I’m no expert on ledger so I may stand to be corrected by others,  but I have a few and this is exactly the way he signed towards the end. If I saw this for sale I would definitely consider it- put it that way. An incredible piece mate!

Hi, The dealer I got it from sent me a photo of he and Ledger together with the autograph pic,and dealer said it was in NYC after a movie screening, I researched it saw a actual add in a magazine showing Ledger in NYC is wearing same outfit same day signing for other people. 

Thanks for your opinion , I think its real also.

Can you post the pic ???? Thanks

I meant the pic of the dealer and Heath Ledger in NY with this pic. 

From the info that I got. That is Chris Reid an IP Collector in NY with heath Ledger. This pic with Heath Ledger was taken at the Rescue Dawn NY Premiere on June 25, 2007. 

dont know name of collector himself , but yes the rest of the info is correct. Do you think its the real thing?

Dark Knight started filming in April 2007. This pic of the dealer was taken on June 25, 2007. Question is when did Warner Bros release this pic of Joker. They did not start their promotion of the movie till May 2007. Movie was released on July 2007.  I have my doubt about this piece.   

This is tricky- for all intents and purposes the autograph looks good. And I know ledger was a good singer for the fans despite his issues with the paparazzi.

Did you buy it before Ledger passed away?

Does the proof photo actually show the signed photo itself?

There's a Chris Reed (could be Reid) who used to own Autograph Czar, which had a well-earned horrible reputation for selling forgeries. That's a common name though and may not be the same person.

If it's the same one, he's reportedly a supplier of and Charity Fundraising Packages, owned by Anthony Nurse. 

He's mentioned on the linked page below and ones around it in Josh Board's blog on Charity Fundraising:


Just wanted to bump this thread.  There’s a joker signed photo I found for sale that looks very similar to the one posted here and still hoping to get opinions on it.  After looking at presumably legit autograph joker photos from autographworld and this site, I have my doubts about both of these.  Appreciate any other thoughts.



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