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The seller told me that he bought a half dozen of each of these posters from a guy who held a signing in the 80's. Roger approved these posters before the seller bought them. Real Roger Epperson COA is included.

Looks good to me.

Don't like this set. First of all it looks like it could all be done by the same hand.

Then, sonething about Nikki and Vince's signatures looks off especially for an 80s set IMO. Never saw this style of KK and so small V in real autographs from the 80s. Could be atypical but more likely fake.

I don’t think these are 80’s examples, but much later.

That would make more sense, but then the placement is a bit TOO perfect. Same angle, right over the right member's photo.. it's not impossible but quite unusual. Especially from an instore signing where they usually try to sign fast so as many queueing fans as possible get their items signed. 

i don’t think they are good either 

look at kk s in nikki and then look at k in mick mars. same handwriting i think plus kks in nikki are not right. 

The Roger Epperson example looks good to me, but I'm not sure.

I compared Tommy Lee's signature to this example on his signed CD version of 'Andro':



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