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What material is it on?

Aloha Danny! Its on a off white piece of paper. 

Hi Ricardo,

Can you post large images of the entire piece please? Front and back if you have them. 

Steve, the piece is about 4.50×3.0 nothing in the back. I just took a picture of the front. Its at one of our local card shops, we dont have many of them here in HI so I wanted to make sure its legit. Thank you all for your opinions. 

Ricardo, it looks like a decent forgery to me. There’s no ageing to the ink or paper, which is a warning sign on pieces this old. It's signed on a piece of paper like a page taken out of a book and cut to the perfect size for framing, which is also something to watch out for on a piece like that.

Mahalo much Steve! Thanks saved me alot of money! Thanks!

Happy to help keep you from losing money! That would easily be a $3,000 autograph. What were they asking for it, $1,000-$1,500?


Another possibility is that it could have been cut from a book that Ruth had signed thereby perhaps explaining why the paper doesn’t look more aged.  But then again if you had a Babe Ruth signed book, the autograph would be worth more within the book than without it.

Also, $1800 is cheap even for a simple cut, and that cut looks pretty nice.  It’s not easy to get a John Lennon cut for $1800, at least not in America.  And a Ruth cut would be worth more than a Lennon cut.  Of course, one never knows how much a seller has into an item, and how motivated that seller is to sell.

Good chance it is authentic in my opinion. Likely was cut from a book page at some point in the past. Might have been personalized and cut to remove the personalization explaining the dimensions.

Thanks Randy been getting mixed reviews on both sides. 

Here’s an idea.  Generally speaking, I would not want to buy a Ruth without either PSA/DNA, JSA, or BAS issuing an LOA for it.  Tell the seller that if he is confident it is real, he should send it to one of the third party authenticators mentioned previously.  If they pass it and issue an LOA or encapsulate it, the seller can pass on the cost of the authentication to you for a grand total of $2100-$2200.  If it doesn’t pass, the seller will continue to be the item’s proud owner.




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