Few presidents are as tough as JFK to authenticate. Usually I can form an opinion, but in this case I am stumped. Can I get some thoughts on this cut signature? 

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This just doesn't look right, IMO....

A couple of similar exemplars

I have a fair amount of experience with JFK autographs, but as you say, he’s not easy, most of the time, to authenticate.  Charles Hamilton, who wrote the landmark book on JFK signatures, thought JFK was probably the most perplexing autograph to come to understand in history.  JFK himself had many, many different autograph styles that he used.  On top of that, some 17 or so secretaries signed for JFK.

 The last name is actually typical of an authentic JFK style.  The pointy K is like an authentic JFK style.  However, it is the first name that causes a lot of concern.  It just looks off, possibly too far off.  The loop of the y looks very Kennedy-like as well.  The last name looks pretty good, but the first name makes it questionable for me. And yes, your two examples are authentic ones.

So I guess I’m on the fence too.

+1....Starts off all wrong.....IMO..

I went back-and-forth as I was writing that. Lol.  It’s probably not authentic.  The first name looks off, but the last isn’t too bad.  I probably wouldn’t want to take a chance on it though.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable owning it.

I don't like it at all

Here is a JFK signed on a pamphlet from 1959.  It is authenticated by PSA/DNA.  And it is indeed an authentic JFK.  Notice the pointy K.  There are differences though.  But also note the funky way John is signed.

This was also authenticated by JSA.

You may want to check with Herman and get his opinion.

How do I do that?

Just send him a friend request - Herman Darvick



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