I thought I was seeing things here and I'm not even drunk. It took me several double takes to figure out what was going mad about this sig.
Could this JimJmorrison sig come from the hand of Legit intoxication or Faked by someone who got J happy?


Thoughts please

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Authentic, in my opinion. The J extends below and intersects with the beginning of the M, making it appear to have an extra J. However, it's signed "Jim Morrison."  

Oh yes, I see what you are saying. The extended J and M intersect perfectly and thus the darkened feature and look of double J vision.

Thanks... I am ready to have a drink now

This could very well be my favorite JM sig
I'm ready too. I passed on it when it was $2,499.

too many zero's in this one too.

Maybe they think that 2 J's is worth more

Its sure a beauty though

Definitely authentic and a great example. This item was sold by RR Auction in September for $5.8k and now apparently someone cut off the Bonnie dedication. 

Oh wow there's more than one. That means maybe more. Definitely the trippiest of all varieties and I dub thee,,, The Double J

Cut off Bonnie you say?
Now that's real defamation of character.

Thanks for posting this as you have given me new hope to find another.

Cut off the Bonnie dedication?  :(

Good heavens! Loss!

I agree 100% Eric!  Makes me sick to my stomach to see. 

good detective  work. But one thing, I don't see how the bonnie could have been cut out and leave the rectangular shape in the original post...comments

i think it was cut down a bit. in the upper left corner of the eBay image you can see ballpoint marks that something is just barely visible.  The fold mark is  not as visible in the scan Jack posted. Is the black part a mat???  I hope it matted. It would have had been trimmed some to fit it in that slab I think.

If you look closely at the cut item in the top left corner, you will see the bottom of the O and the N in Bonnie.



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