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Thought I would post this newly listed item since there hasn’t been a JDM discussion of late. I always enjoy those discussions and I am looking forward to this one!

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Silly item. I’ve seen a few of these, including from Coach’s Corner. Here’s another one.

Seems like every person of fame over the last century, has had the privilege of signing a baseball! 
Thanks Ballroom for your input. Hopefully a few of the usual suspects will chime in with a few home run comments 

One of my favorites was the pile of baseballs "signed" by Mother Teresa.  



Oh dear. This appears to be just another ridiculous Coach's Corner special. It's nothing but rubbish..   Hope all's well HH!...

Glad you joined Jack. Great to hear from you. I will message you separately. Hope you are well.

Euro 2024!

looks like coaches Corner junk


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