I've already posted numerous threads of examples of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries on EBay with worthless COAs from Stephen Rocchi and his Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) group.

Now I'll be showing various examples of Joe DiMaggio forgeries on baseballs and photos with worthless COAs from Stephen Rocchi and his Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators group (along with John Goraczyk).

Make no mistake.  The below Joe DiMaggio/Mantle forgeries are no-brainer forgeries.

The majority of the forgeries on photos, are produced on ink-jet paper and machine-produced with many of them surrounded by cheap framing.

In other words, lipstick on a pig.

Since GFA started in 2009, we have yet to observed even one authentic autograph with their sham COA.

Below is just a short-list of sellers of GFA-certed forgeries on Ebay:

Ebay seller Rbisportsinc

Ebay seller Ranger191

Ebay seller Pan4life14

Ebay seller Jessmk12

Ebay seller Bluechipvideoentertainment

Ebay seller Gofsu2010

Ebay seller Silly_shelly

Ebay seller Tido6060

Ebay seller Jessmk12

Ebay seller Stevew6

Ebay seller Dbvint123

Ebay seller Winbargains

And others.........

Look at all of this crap certed by GFA (Stephen Rocchi).

Almost all of the framed crap like below, are basically "lipstick on a pig."

The forgeries aren't even hand-signed.  They are basically copies produced on inkjet paper.

The photos are all mass-produced pieces-of-crap.

Anything certed from GFA on a baseball, bat,  etc., is simply garbage.

Check out the laughable and mass-produced-In-Florida sets of Mantle, DiMaggio and Williams forgeries.

This is basically a copy of a set of forgeries produced on inkjet paper.

Here are examples of GFA-certed forged Joe DiMaggio baseballs.


Only two types of people buy and sell this crap:  Those who know ZERO about autographs and those who are scammers who hide behind the GFA (Stephen Rocchi) COA.

Make no mistake-These are no-brainer forgeries.

The below Mantle/DiMaggio is a mass-produced set of forgeries produced in Florida.

Not hand-penned.  Done by a machine.









Someone wasted $299.99 on the below forged Joe DiMaggio baseball with a worthless COA from Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (Stephen Rocchi).

It was sold by Ebay seller Richaradam_13 for $299.99.





The below Joe DiMaggio forgery actually includes two worthless COAs (GFA/Rocchi and Myst-O-Graph).




Below are screenshots of the latest Joe DiMaggio forgeries with worthless COAs from GFA (Stephen Rocchi).

You can click your mouse over each image to get a closer view.

As you can plainly see these are obvious and laughable forgeries.

That "Forensic" BS is a bunch of freaking garbage!!!!

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interesting how the amateur that forges these poor innocent baseballs makes the same obvious mistake on every one of them.  if its anything I hate, its a stupid forger.  also, has anyone EVER tried to take these crooks up on that worthless guarantee?  I am really curious who GFA considers an approved TPA.  we know for sure it isnt PSA, JSA or SGC.  None of their crap would pass either of these TPA's.  

You're right, Terrier, they are absolutely laughable.

If anyone is a buyer or seller of that garbage, they are either a person who knows ZERO about autographs, or they are a scammer who is very aware of what they are selling.

the other thing that is infuriating, Christopher, is that very few people seem to really care.   hard to understand.


Very few people seem to care and they people that sell this crap have absolutely no conscience.

This one is from RBIsportsinc, who have been selling these GFA certed forgeries for a long time.  


A combination of Mantle, Martin, Dimaggio and Ford.......for 199 or Best Offer?????  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

this is proof positive that this seller, as well as most of the others, KNOW what they are selling. otherwise, with this wonderful proof of authenticity, and guarantee, why would they sell an item like this for 1/4th the market price?  Unbelievable.  

No doubt, Terrier.

Ebay seller Rbisportsinc is the biggest seller of GFA (Stephen Rocchi) certed forgeries on EBay by far.



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