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Thanks mate

Excellent! Thanks!

I am asking - why there's no UK signed option? Hate TSL.

Yeah all these TSL US only posts are killing me 

Now it says signed insert. Don't think it said that when I first posted.

Yes it said signed insert from the moment I clicked on this picture

Thank you soooo much for posting. Judas Priest is one of my top 5 bands... they got me through so much turmoil. Rob Halford is my second favorite vocalist (with James Hetfield being the first)

Thanks. Hoping for a CD option too sometime soon.

ROB HALFORD: 13 Things You Didn't Know About The JUDAS PRIEST Singer - Loaded Radio

The signed art card is now available on the Judas Priest website. Hurry up whilst stocks last

Hi Fezza, Thanks. I checked these regions on JP website. Did not see anything. I do keep checking periodically too. Cheers!

Now it's UK only and protected, so visible only with VPN.

Oh I see - Thanks - 


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