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Odd works for me?!? Try this

Don't worry, seems to be another case of blocking the item-page for customers outside the UK (I'm based in Germany). Maybe there'll be another stores offering it.

Thanks - good find 

Works with VPN guys, but you need to provide UK shipping address. As most bands, they do it to boost up UK sales to get #1/top 3 on the charts.

postage is a bit steep!

Agree a rip off, but still worth it

Cassettes the bain of signed cards.

I wish they did an option with CD and card only + something like a sticker sheet instead.

Yeah, it's blocked outside of the UK,

Waiting for them to offer this option at other stores as well..

Sold out quick 

Looking at the photo two stacks of cards probably 500 or so it's hard to tell though.

But every CD/Vinyl + Cassette probably count as two for the charts?

i think signed ithems doesnt count on the charts anymore...

its all to sell more -its easy :)


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