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Hi, folks. Could anyone help me tell if this signature is a genuine one by Karen Carpenter? Looks good to me, but I haven't deeply studied her sig. Thanks in advance <3

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Here are three from RR and PSA:

I do not  care for the OP. I don't think it is authentic.

What do you think, Eric? What are the wrong points in the OP for you? Thanks very much.

Here is another image comparison - OP on the right:

Click for full image.

I think it is a simulation. Look at the image I just posted. Forgery IMO.

Just look at the slants (leaning right), spacing and formations of the OP. Upside down the differences show well. Just to name one, look at the "ter" connection/formation. Or the last "n"...

I didn't like it either, but I didn't see as much as Mr. Longo did so thank you for the in depth Eric!

My pleasure to help. Another is the "pe" connection and formation.


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