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I wanted to get opinions on this Keith Richards signature.  For the most part it looks OK but I also wanted to know if anyone is familiar with the autopenned books that I thought I had read about at one time, was wondering if this might be one of them. 

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Thanks very much, I thought I had seen this discussed previously.

Yes, this is one of the autopen signatures.

Are there a few set autopen signatures or does the Autopen make its own variations?

As far as I know, they all are set signatures.


You're welcome. These autopen signed books are still selling for prices similar to those paid for the real thing. 

Thanks very much, greatly appreciated !

Autopen machines follow a pre-formed matrix typically based on an authentic signature. Autopen machine signatures from the same matrix should be identical, however, there may be slight variation at times due to the armature vibrating, how fast the machine is operating, etc.

Some celebrities may have multiple matrices in use, thus a number of different Autopen patterns. Jimmy Stewart had at least five different patterns. Reagan had a few dozen.

We've seen machine-signed signatures already that have slight variations beyond vibration or having multiple templates. The Tony Podsada Mantles/Williams/DiMaggios are examples of those. They're not from the Autopen Company--I'm not sure how they're signed--but technology is getting better and better. One company offers a machine that can randomize characters.

Right... those are not a traditional Autopen. 

In my opinion, this is an obvious Autopen... Don't even need to see a match to know it's an Autopen.

Note the hard stop and start dots as well as the slight quivering throughout. That is the tell tale sign of an Autopen armature vibrating as it "signs."



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