Hi,I had bought this Kurt Cobain autograph at a coin operated/pinball Machine show in 2001.it was from a guy that had a booth selling autographs.i bought it for $300 back then.but I lost the certificate of authenticity when I moved years ago.it came framed with a picture of Kurt and a metal engraving.anyways I have always wanted to get it PSA/DNA authentication but it costs $250 for kurt's autograph to be grated...I want to sell it and don't want it to spend the $ if it's fake.the guy with the booth that sold me it seemed sketchy...anyways I would love someone's opinion if they know if this is real?

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I strongly believe that's not Cobain.

Wait for other opinions, because they can vary.

Thank you for your opinion,I have looked up many versions of his autograph and only found 2 that really look like this one,the guy that sold it to me said Kurt would often sign with kurdt,which I found out to be true.in this signature it could be a d before the t,but if he forged it why wouldn't he make it look more like his regular name... just Kurt?

He did sign Kurdt a good amount. Hopefully members will post genuine examples of Kurt Cobain's autograph. That will help you a lot.

I have lots of pics of his autograph that were PSA/DNA authorized
His signature varies so much its hard to tell,and what kind of condition he was in at time of signing I think could play a factor as well
Like this one especially

If you look closely, the two you posted don't look anything like yours.

Was 3011.PNG from the same source as 3012.PNG?

Not sure?

They passed this, too? I'm honestly not trying to be tough on anyone, I'm just surprised if this (and the other one) were passed by, well, ANYONE!. If PSA did, can you post a picture of the letter?

That was PSA/DNA authenticated? I'm surprised. I'm referring to image 2012.PNG



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