I’ve been offered this piece which I personally do believe is authentic but looking for other opinions.

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Can you post a better image of the cert?

the picture of him signing is worthless as u cant see what hes signing. u need to do some reserch on the seller.

what the price and u might want to see if hes a racc seller.

when it comes to nirvana u really need to know ur source 

as eric asked for a better cert pic would help as I cant make his name to see if I know if

This Spin Magazine was signed at The Pentagon City Ritz Carlton on November 13 1993.

Here is an authentic Kurt Cobain that was signed on November 5, 1993 at Buffalo, NY. 

RACC doesn’t mean anything to me. 

The seller has been recommended on here a few times and mainly is an in person seller. Back in 93 cameras weren’t that easy to take pics of people signing compared to now with the phones having cameras. 

Ive been offered the piece for £1300.

if real the 1300 p is very fair

Pretty damned shoddy COA for such a high end piece.

U should have seen the ones used to issue.  Those look like priceless compared to mine 

I believe this is authentic and that the spin shown by J.Seah came from the same source as the one you were offered Greig.



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