Hi everyone,

I purchased this Lebron James auto a while back. It was authenticated by GAI but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if I should be worry this is a fake.


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GAI is not trustworthy based on what I’ve read and seen. That same card with JSA/Beckett/PSA DNA would be worth a lot more. It really doesn’t make

sense not to use those and use GAI. However I’m not familiar with LeBron’s autograph so I can’t opine on that. 

Thanks Deepak. 

I read GAI was somewhat reputable in their earlier days before they went bankrupt around 2008-09, but would like someone with a keen eye to speak on the autograph itself.


I know LeBron's autograph very well.  That is not real IMO.  I wouldn't pay $.01 for it.

Thanks RTL5062. Appreciate you insight.



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