Any chance this is real?  From what I’ve read online, the AAU authentication means little to nothing.

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I actually like this Sauly Koufux!

probably the first quality autograph with an AAU I have EVER SEEN going back 15 years. If it in fact has an AAU. It's not the dime store phony Koufax that you usually see with the Drew Maxipad worthless cert. I'd be a player at 75 bucks due to the Maxipad sticker if it's affixed. AND the AAU authentication does mean something Adam. It means it is a piece of S*** PERIOD. This is a needle in a Haystack Calhoun, literally.

Thanks.  I knew not to trust AAU, but it looked good to me.  Funny thing is that I had it on my watch list on eBay, and now it’s gone.  Weird.

Yeah I think having an AAU sticker drops the value of the signature over an authentic one that hasn’t been stickered.


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