Just checking to see if anyone knows the best place to verify this Micheal Jordan signature as i purchased this on ebay a couple of days ago.  Dont want to frame a forged jersey.  At least i know i have 180 days to return it through ebay.  Also JSA is coming to MN in Dec.  They said they can verify or authenticate it for $100.  Help? Suggestions?  Thanks

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Sorry but don’t bother. The signature isn’t authentic and pinpoint only authenticates forgeries. 

Thanks Seamus for responding. What is your opinion on an autograph from UAAA with Aaron Rodger? Spoke with the guy who sold the MJ jersey and he is refunding my monies. All the other jerseys i have are from JSA and Beckett.

Never heard of UAAA. Sounds skeptical to me but might as well throw up a picture of it for members to see




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